Postage & Packing


     We have tried several different postal services over the past years and taking into consideration the speed of delivery and costs have found that Thailand’s 'Express Mail Service' is the most efficient. This allows us to have colonies delivered within an acceptable time frame, without having to pay the ridiculous high charges of some of the other courier companies.          

    This service provides an online 'track and trace' facility - which enables customers to follow the orders progress and allows us to confirm that delivery has been made.


    Parcels sent by this service are given a 'tracking number' when they are posted - and this can be used on the carrier’s web site to track the progress of the parcel. When the parcel arrives in the destination country it can also be tracked on the local posts web site, simply by entering the same tracking number.

    The tracking details will tell you when the parcel leaves Thailand, when it arrives in the destination country, when it has been processed and passed onto the domestic post service, when it has arrived at the local sorting office and when it is on the delivery truck.


EMS postage is charged on weight and destination. Hence previously we could not give an accurate price for posting

before the parcel was actually packed and sent. So we have simplified our charge for postage - enabling potential

customers to know exactly what they will pay. We now charge postage according to the total amount of the order placed.


As we have now removed the minimum order value the following postal costs apply:


For all orders under £100 the cost of postage will be between £35 - £45 depending on location.


1) Postage for orders from £100 to £300 will be £25.  


2) For orders between £300 and £500 the postage will be £15.


3) For all orders over £500 postage will be free.  


4) Due to the increased cost of sending to the Netherlands and Czech Republic

orders to these countries will have a £5 postage surcharge.


5) For customers within Thailand postage for all orders will be £5. 


Transit time

    We can give prospective customers a very good idea of transit time by utilizing the information from the previous orders sent. Delays are unusual and 96% of orders are delivered within the given time frame.


    As an example; parcels sent to the U.K. take between 3-5 days. Most consignments to the U.K. have been delivered just three days after posting - which is nearly as good as the normal domestic post service! The average is four days and occasionally infrequently five days.


    Boxes leave Thailand very quickly but then the processing of the mail in the destination country seems to be a bit variable - and has a direct effect on the time taken to deliver.



The average delivery time for parcels sent over the last year has been:


                                                      UK, France, Sweden,                                  3-4 days

                                                      Denmark,                                                     3-5 days

                                                      Austria, Switzerland, Czech, Hungary         4-6 days

                                                      USA                                                             5-6 days


Some other countries tend to have a longer delivery period - even though they are sent by the same service.


                                                      Canada, Germany, Netherlands                 5-7 days

                                                      Norway                                                        6-7 days

                                                      Spain                                                            7-8 days

                                                      Belgium                                                       8-10 days


As all the colonies are carefully packed and will have additional food in their containers they can survive in the post for a significant time. We have previously conducted trials and opened sample containers at various dates after packing - and the colonies only showed slight deterioration after two weeks. Some of the stronger species even seemed okay after three weeks - although by then they had eaten most of their brood.



     Over the past eight years we have learnt from trial and error and gained extensive experience in the preparation and packing of colonies prior to posting.


Pre-packing preparation

    Some customers expect us to be able to post a colony out a day or two after receiving their order. This is not possible. We have found that giving the colony a few days of pre-posting care helps them withstand the rigors of being posted and helps them re-establish.

    For several days before posting the colonies are given a high protein diet and as much food as they can take. This results in the colony having a good food reserve stored in the crops of the workers, which the colony can then utilize during their time in the post.

    We have also found that it is very important to make sure the colonies are sent with their complete brood as this gives them something to care for and seems to stabilize the colony. With many species it is very important to have new workers emerging all the time especially with species that have a short life expectancy such as Carebara – these colonies will quickly collapse if sent without any brood.


    If there is anything you do not understand about our postal charges or require a personal quote - please contact us before placing an order.



It is not our aim to provide a large number of low quality colonies which are posted out as quick and

cheaply as possible. We cater for those customers who are looking for good quality colonies, which

are prepared and packed with due care and attention - resulting in a high survival rate.


    The normal minimum price for sending a parcel by EMS is around £35-45. To help offset the cost of this for all orders over £100 the postage is partially subsidized by us and we only charge £25 - which helps keep the postal charge affordable for our customers.