Species for sale - 2019

Common name: The Black Sugar Ant.
Camponotus auriventris
Common name: The Golden Sugar Ant.
Camponotus festinus
Common name:
Crematogaster biroi
Common name: The Queenless Ponerine Ant.
Diacamma rugosum
Common name: The Giant Ponerine Ant.
Diacamma scalpratum
Common name: The Durian Ant.
Dolichoderus thoracicus
Common name: The Forest Termite.
Microcerotermes crassus
Common name: The Red Trap Jaw Ant.
Odontomachus rixosus
Common name: The Orange Weaver Ant.
Oecophylla smaragdina
Common name: The Black Crazy Ant or Longhorn Crazy Ant.
Paratrechina longicornis



         Please note:


         Species that are in stock have been moved to the top of the page - the other species shown are what we have offered for sale over the past year. We have left these species on display so you can see the kind of stock we offer for sale.


         We are now also offering a live arrival guarantee! (See our terms and conditions regards this.)


         Due to demand: For a trial period we are willing to accept orders less than our usual minimum (£100), but for any orders under this amount the customer will need to pay the full cost of shipping.


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  •     Due to the work involved and the fact that we subsidize the postage cost - the minimum order we can accept is £100 (U.K. Pounds Sterling) excluding postage. (Please see additional note below regards this.)


  •     Please ensure you read our terms and conditions prior to placing any orders. If you place an order it is on the understanding that you are accepting our terms as stated.


  •     Please email us prior to placing an order - to discuss the method of payment and an agreeable posting date etc.


  •     Due to the widespread operation of 'scammers' resulting in the high risk of reclaimed payments - all new customers will now be asked to pay by a bank to bank transfer or via PayPal ‘Friends and Family’. If you are not willing to send payment this way please do not place an order - if you do

       your payment will simply be refunded.




         We now have some very good ‘Weaver Ant’ queens (Oecophylla). It is difficult to obtain true fertile queens of this species and they can only be found at this time of year.

         Queens on their own are difficult to maintain and frequently fail to establish colonies, especially if they are continually disturbed or kept in incorrect conditions. As we have the past experience in raising new colonies we are keeping our queens until they have formed small colonies of about 20-30 workers.

         The first of the colonies will be ready for dispatch on July 22nd. If you want to reserve a colony please let me know. We expect them to sell fast, and it is unlikely we will be able to find any more.

         Beware: Most Oecophylla which are offered for sale have been purchased from the Chinese suppliers. These people are well known for selling female alates which have had their wings removed, and then brood boosted from the mother colony to make it look like they have raised a brood. Don’t be tempted by cheap imitations - they will fail and you will waste your money!