Species for sale - 2020





             Important - Please read:


  •     Due to demand we are now willing to accept small orders. However, for any orders with a value below £100 the customer will need to pay the full cost of postage.

            For orders over £100 the cost of postage will be subsidized and you will only be charged

        approximately 50% of the postal cost.  


  •     Please ensure you read our 'terms and conditions' prior to placing any orders. If you place an order it is on the understanding that you are accepting our terms as stated.


  •     Please email us prior to placing an order - to discuss the method of payment and an agreeable posting date etc.


  •     Due to the widespread operation of 'scammers' resulting in the high risk of reclaimed payments, all customers will now be asked to pay by a bank to bank transfer or via PayPal ‘Friends and Family’. If you are not willing to send payment this way please do not place an order - if you do  

        your payment will simply be refunded.


            We are now also offering a live arrival guarantee. (See our terms and conditions regard this.)

Page one of our shop shows species that we have in stock - and are available for sale now.

Page two shows other species which we frequently stock - but at the moment are not available.

Click / tap on a photograph for more information, additional photographs and price options.

Video 5

Iridomyrmex anceps - A busy nest entrance.

Video 3

Carebara diversa - Size reference for a queen.

Camponotus auriventris - A new queen with her first brood.

Video 2 Video 7

Speculitermes macrodentatus - Workers foraging.

Video 6

Paratrechina longicornis - Exposed colony moving to safer location.

Video 1

Camponotus auriventris - Alates prepare to fly.

Below are links to some YouTube videos we have made - showing some of the species we offer for sale.

Video 4

Dolichoderus thoracicus - Exposed colony on bamboo cane.

Video 8

Speculitermes macrodentatus - Alates emerge from their nest.

Video 9

Carebara castanea - Male alates attracted to light.

Video 10

Speculitermes macrodentatus - Alate pair looking for a new home.




   Please note our shop will be closed for two months over the winter. Our last date for posting orders out is Monday the 7th December, and then our shop will be going into hibernation for the remainder of December and January.

   This is due to several reasons. To mention a few: The post is usually slower coming up to Christmas and the new year - so delays would be expected, the weather is often colder which limits the days we can post orders out, and there are quite a few public holidays that would further impact on delivery times.

   This rest period will enable us to do some modifications to our ant farm buildings, give us time to sterilize all our containers / out worlds, enable us to manufacture more artificial nests, to stock up on required necessities, and to give us some time to modify and update our web site.


   We will be ready for sales again in early February - when hopefully many of the global problems encountered this year will be resolved.

   Note: To enable us to prepare the colonies properly prior to posting - the last date we can accept any orders is Friday the 4th December.

   Have a good Christmas, and lets all hope the New Year is a bit less stressful than this one has been!


  Many species have already sold out - and many of whats left are only available as single colonies. Remember: last date for ordering is strictly the 4th of December - any orders in later than this can not be processed!