Anoplolepis gracilipes

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Common name: The Yellow Crazy Ant.

    This is a relatively large, yellow / orange ant that is about 4-5 mm in length. The abdomen is usually a uniform light yellow but sometimes has dark brown markings. Their legs and antennae appear very long in comparison with the body and they can move very fast. They do not have a sting, but can spray formic acid which they use to subdue prey and to act as a defense mechanism. Research has shown that the worker ants live about 80 days.
    Queens are much larger than the workers, averaging about 10 mm in length. Newly mated queens will usually re-enter their original nest and when conditions are favorable they will very quickly form vast super colonies.
    This species naturally spreads and colonizes new areas through “budding” - when mated queens and workers leave the mother nest to establish a new one. However the newly mated queens are also capable of independent colony foundation.
    They are described as a scavenging predator and have a wide ranging diet which is a characteristic of many invasive species. They easily become established and dominant in new habitat areas due to their aggression towards other ant species and ability to utilize a wide range of food sources.
    They are easy to keep and will adapt to all types of artificial nest.