Camponotus mutilarius (xiangban)

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-----This species was originally called ‘xiangban’ because when handled it gives out a strong sweet scent and the Chinese name for such a scent is xiangban. However its correct classification is as mutilarius.
     It is a medium size ant with workers / majors between 8-12mm and queens 13-15mm.
    They nest in the ground and the nest can descend quite deep often to 90cm.
    Colonies have a single queen and around a thousand workers.
The workers are covered with hairs and are blackish brown with dark red markings on the thorax and top of the abdomen.
    They collect the secretions of sap sucking insects and any dead insects etc that they can find.
    This is an easy to keep species that is happy in most artificial nests. It is easy to feed, however in time will require a good size habitat area.