Macrotermes sp.

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Pair of alates.
    This is the largest termite species we offer for sale with the major cast about 1 cm in size.
    Due to the complexities of correct identification and the fact that there are several similar sp and subspecies we are still researching the exact identification regards this species.
    This species is not invasive and usually can only be found in natural wild habitats well away from human habitation. They are a fungus growing species which collect dead vegetable matter to feed their fungus garden.
    They do not build a mound but create a football size nest / fungus garden just below the surface of the ground.
    There is not much information available on how to keep and cultivate this species and hence we only recommend them for very experienced hobbyists.
    Each order will also receive a fungus spore mix. This should be stored at room temperature until the first workers start foraging - then it can be spread around their foraging area. They will then collect what they need to initiate their own fungus garden.