Odontomachus rixosus

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Common name: The Red Trap Jaw Ant.

    This species is very similar in form and habits to O. monticola however there are some notable differences between them.
    The workers of O. rixosus are an attractive reddish color and slightly larger at about 10 mm. They prefer to keep their foraging to the hours of darkness and are rarely seen outside during the day. They also seem to be a more aggressive species readily attacking any threat to their nest.
    Colonies tend to be larger than O. monticola often consisting of several sub nests which are all linked. In these larger colonies there can be around 500-800 individuals.
    They also nest on the ground frequently masking use of the small burrows of other animals, although in the rainy season when humidity is high they will create simple nests amongst the leaf litter.
    The queens are only slightly larger than the workers but are noticeable by their enlarged thorax and slightly larger abdomen. Although young colonies will only have a single queen, in time these colonies will accept additional new queens and larger multi queen colonies will form. In these larger colonies there can be 3-9 queens.
     They can be kept in captivity relatively easily and like O. monticola readily take sugared water and both dead and live insects.

    Summery: Very similar to O. monticola but slightly larger and an attractive red color. Colonies are usually larger and can have multiple queens.