This means

    Customers outside Thailand are not able to claim a refund for livestock arriving dead - resulting from late delivery, mishandling by the applicable postal authority and for colonies being impounded due to importation regulations or the non-payment of importation charges, or for any other reason.

Terms and Conditions

We strongly advise that you avoid purchasing stock from any sites that do not display their 'terms and conditions'.


Please read all the information below prior to ordering your colonies. If you order

and pay for a colony it is on the understanding that you have agreed to these stated

terms and conditions.


Our terms and conditions apply to all orders without exception and are non-negotiable.


If you have any questions regards our terms and conditions or if there is anything that you

do not understand regards these - please contact us with your query before placing an order.


We maintain a blacklist of people who have tried to dishonestly obtain stock from us in the

past and share information with other traders about 'scammers' - and we reserve the right to

decline any orders we deem as being 'at risk' and in so doing are not obliged to give a reason.

Ordering your colonies

    To place an order you should first contact us to confirm availability and arrange a posting date. This should be done by email.      


Reserving colonies for delivering at a future date

    We can only hold a colony on reserve when a deposit has been paid and delivery is required within three weeks. A deposit of 20% will be required which is non-refundable if the order is cancelled.

    If you want a colony reserving and sending at a date more than three weeks away - please revisit our shop and place an order nearer the time that the colony is required.


Please understand

Although our terms and conditions seem to be very strict they are applied and enforced to protect our business

from potential scammers and people making dishonest claims.


Take into consideration 

We have been exporting colonies direct from Thailand for nine years and this has given us the experience to

minimize any potential problems - resulting in most orders being delivered quickly without any complications.


    Orders can only be dispatched after we have received full payment.  

    All potential new customers will be requested to pay via a bank to bank transfer or a PayPal 'Friends and Family' payment.

    You can make a bank transfer of the required amount in U.K. Pounds Sterling direct to our bank account in the U.K. If you have internet banking facilities which allow international funds transfer you should be able to complete the transfer yourself. If this option is requested we will send you our account details after we have confirmed availability of your order.



    If a colony is no longer available and a payment has been made by PayPal you will receive a refund within 48 hours. If a refund is due for a bank transfer payment it will be made within five working days. Note: If you made the original payment by PayPal

e-cheque or by credit card funding then PayPal will not refund you until your original payment has cleared - which may take several days.


Order cancelation

    Orders canceled by the customer before 5 days of the agreed posting date are not subject to any cancelation charges and a full refund will be given. (This condition excludes orders that have been held on reserve.)

    Orders cancelled within five days of the agreed posting date will be subject to a 10% cancelation charge to cover all the preparatory work already completed.

    Orders that are cancelled on the day they are due to be posted will be subject to a full value cancellation charge.



    Please notify us within 24 hours of receipt of your order if anything is not to your satisfaction. All the colonies that we supply are carefully inspected prior to packing and we ensure that only healthy colonies are dispatched. Colonies should be inspected on arrival and any concerns you may have should be discussed with us at the earliest opportunity. As colonies can quickly deteriorate if mishandled or kept in the incorrect conditions we can not accept any complaints received more than 24 hours after delivery.


The terms below apply to all orders posted from Thailand to other countries.


  •     For all export orders - it is the customer’s responsibility for ensuring the legality of importing the goods into their country. If the colonies are seized or impounded by customs for any reason - then regrettably we cannot replace the colonies or make any refund.


  •     The buyer, or recipient, is exclusively responsible for any importation taxes, customs duties, brokerage fees and expenses related to importation and compliance with the appropriate import laws for each country. Please consult your local customs service and other relevant authorities to confirm that no restrictions or special requirements apply to your order. 


  •     We are not responsible for delays, additional import costs or confiscation and / or death of colonies resulting from acts or decisions of local governmental agencies or the postal company used, or for any other reason.


  •     Because of the limited shelf life we are not able to accept the return of any items sent. If any consignments are not accepted by the consignee and hence returned or returned by 'governmental agencies' such as customs - then they will be considered as having been delivered and no refund will be made under any circumstances. 


  •     We are not liable if a colony arrives dead - due to low temperatures during storage / transport by the postal authority or adverse weather conditions during the time taken to arrive, or for any other reason.


Postage Dates

    Any dates quoted for delivery of goods are approximate only and we shall not be liable for any delay in the delivery of goods however caused. If your order arrives after the expected date this is the fault of the postal company. We cannot be held responsible for any delay or failure to deliver and you cannot claim a refund. Expected delivery times can be found on our 'posting information' page.


Cold Weather Postings

    Orders due to be posted to cold climate countries during their winter will be sent when the temperature on delivery is expected to be a minimum of 8-10 degrees C.

    If the weather is not agreeable for posting when the order is placed we will ask the recipient to check on the climate forecast for another agreeable delivery date - and then notify us so we can confirm a posting date. This is the recipients responsibility. Stock lost due to cold weather at time of delivery, when we have been requested to post on a specific date will not be replaced.


Our Liability:

    Once the colony has been posted we have no control over what then happens and are unfortunately unable to guarantee delivery services and times for shipping service companies - so our liability ends.



    Some of the ants we supply can give a painful bite or sting. We have stated this on our shop page and will advise you if this is applicable when you place your order - but please note that you are buying the ants at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for any injury caused by any of the ants supplied.


Your obligation

    It is important to understand that - if the tropical ant species we supply to you are not native to the local fauna of your country you should never release any of the colonies into the wild, as this may have a detrimental effect on local species and in most countries is contravening wildlife laws.

    We sell our colonies to you on the understanding that they will not under any circumstances be released into any non-native habitats.


Live arrival guarantee


    We have been exporting queens / colonies for many years and the experience gained from this helps ensure they arrive in  

good condition - and we now feel confident to be able to offer a live arrival guarantee.                

    However, as we are regularly receiving orders from new customer’s we have had to impose some terms regards this  


    At the moment we are limiting this offer to customers who have ordered from us previously. This offer is not yet available to  

new customers - however new customers will become entitled to the offer six months after their first order - or after they have  

placed three orders which have been delivered without any problems.


    Our aim is to assure existing customers that if they place an order and after ‘a normal delivery process’ the ants arrive dead then we will replace the stock or refund your payment.

    Every case is taken on its own merits and if it is a genuine claim, we guarantee that we will replace the stock or refund your






    1) We reserve the right to withdraw this offer for certain customers without having to give a reason. Customers who we deem  

are not eligible for this offer will be notified at time of placing the order, and if required can cancel their order and receive a full



    2) The guarantee applies to the queen/s and if colonies are purchased the majority of the workers. Note: it is quite normal for  

some workers to die during transport especially with species that do not have a long-life expectancy such as Carebara.

    Hence: we will not give replacement or refund if you try and claim for a small number of dead workers. The refund is for when  

the queen and majority of the colony has arrived dead and the colony is no longer viable on delivery.


    3) Delivery needs to be accepted on the first attempt. This can be confirmed via the tracking site.

    The guarantee will be void if the delivery is missed or not accepted on the first attempt and/or the delivery is delayed by it being left at a post office or neighbours house.


    4) Any claim should be submitted within twelve hours of arrival and be accompanied by photographic proof. Photographs need  

to be clear and show all the dead stock against the packing material used.


    5) The guarantee will be void if the delivery is impounded or delayed by customs inspection or by fault of the postal company.


    6) If a replacement colony is requested the charge for postage will be split evenly between ourselves and the buyer.


    Ants are living insects and if they are kept under incorrect conditions or mishandled can perish very quickly. Some customers  

are purchasing exotic species for the first time and have little experience in keeping them, and as such there is a possibility that  

some of the colonies may die after purchase due to mishandling and incorrect care.

    When this happens some customers just think about how they can get their money back - and the first action they take is to  

submit a false / unjustified claim. In purchasing ants you are buying a living product - and if you destroy that product by incorrect

housing / care then it is your fault and not because the product you purchased was defective.


Be warned:


    Any claims will be carefully investigated and this may involve contacting other sellers to seek information regards the claimant.

    In certain ‘skeptical cases’ we will require the dead stock is returned – this can be done by placing the dead ants in a test tube  

and returning them by normal air mail which is not expensive. On inspection if the dead correspond to what was sent, we will

replace the colony or refund your payment. If the queen is missing and or the amount of dead are substantially less than what was

sent the claim will be void.